User Interface Lab


Take a minute to think about your smart phone. What do you like best about that little high-tech device? Its highly complex circuitry? Its diverse programming? Or is it something more like: the almost playful ease of using it?

Technology has long been more than mere functionality. It creates benefits for users and makes life more enjoyable. As is especially shown by the many new developments in interface technology. They have an immense influence on current product developments. Think about it - what would an iPhone be without a multi-touch display?

But what’s the potential of the latest interface technology? A crucial question that designers, suppliers, engineers and product managers constantly have to ask themselves during the product development process. You can find answers at our User Interface Lab. A platform that sparks inspiration through personal use experience, and provides the impetus for an exchange of ideas.

At our dynamic Interface Lab, visitors can experience what user interface technologies can already do today. The focus is on the User Experience.

So the lab offers many ways to experience technologies yourself, try them out, and ask questions.

As an interactive showroom, the Interface Lab provides a kind of interdisciplinary interface that is absolutely unique in Germany. We have worked with our partners to present the full range of innovations in user interfaces. The collection is constantly being updated with the latest technologies from our highly innovative partners.

The Interface Lab is available by appointment to anyone who’s interested. Interested in a tour? Contact us here.

A few highlights from our dynamic Interface Lab:

Microsoft Surface, with multi-touch applications for such clients as Datev, Vodafone, etc.
46-inch multi-touch monitor (Electrosil)
Proximity-aware and gesture-controlled interface (Mechaless)
Touch technology demonstrators (optoelectronic, piezoelectric, capacitive) Angell-Demmel and Quantum
Touch screen with applications (designaffairs)
Tactile feedback for touch screens (Immersion)
Autostereoscopic 3D display (Newsight)
Augmented reality (Metaio)
Market place with key samples from such makers as Alps, Quantum, Felam, IEE, Algra
Interactive installation (designaffairs)
Printed electronics: capacitive touch (Schreiner Variolight)
Textile switching systems (Textilinstitut)
Voice input and voice control (Nuance)
Windows7 Tablet PC with retail 3.0 demo und bar code reader (designaffairs)