If you don’t know where you’re going, no route is the right one.

Holistic User Experience / HUX
Our new tool HUX provides reliable answers how to generate a good user experience (UX). Certain criteria are taken into consideration in a comprehensive panel and are subsequently analysed by means of a sophisticated statistical technique. HUX will help you to know exactly where to make your invest in your product development.

Design Style Observation / DSO
Design Style Observation: Our creative tool is an effective way of opening up creative discourse about a project. It is applied at the beginning of the project, and also as the project work goes on. It lends structure to the immense variety of the project world.

Design Strategy Radar / DSR
Design Strategy Radar: Our unique tool uses ten design-relevant criteria to reveal areas of potential and gaps in portfolio strategies. That knowledge can be used to structure, position, shift or consolidate portfolios and products - so everything fits together at the right time.

SimuPro® is an innovative analytical tool for brands, products and communications. It shows visually whether your concepts are a good fit for your target group, brand or corporate values. The tool is used for early concept assessment, ensuring a high level of reliability in the steps to follow.

Innovation Memory / IM
Really sustainable innovation calls for strength - which comes from within a company itself. That’s our experience from 12 years of consulting. But in established structures, there’s often a lack of out-of-the-box thinkers to provide the impetus for innovation. Overcome inertia, network internal knowledge. Realize your full potential. Our consultants will help you set up effective innovation processes.