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RWE E-mobility Charging Station

RWE E-mobility Charging Station

Electric driving is the way of the future.

RWE Service
Industrial Design, Color & Material Design, Mechanical Engineering
Project Date:

Electromobility is still at the starting line. Strict environmental protection goals and new technologies are revving up the market. The first series-produced electric vehicles are ready for the sales floor. Battery makers are working on extending the driving range. E-cars may soon achieve a market breakthrough in Europe. As an innovative electric power utility, RWE wants to make an important early contribution here.

An important step for sustainable environmental protection.

Our Approach

Building on our extensive experience in product design and engineering, we took on the entire process of designing, prototyping and developing charging stations – from the first idea, drafting parts lists, and finding makers all the way through to the market launch. Because of the tight three-month schedule from development to market-readiness, we had to finish every step in double time. And we provided RWE with a genuine lead in its market positioning. In subsequent steps we filled out the free-standing charging station concept with a wall-mounted variant for use in such locations as parking garages or private homes.

Our Job

As an innovative electric power utility, RWE is planning to set up a nationwide network of e-charging stations. As part of carrying out its project, the energy giant hired designaffairs to handle the entire conception process, from the first idea to the market launch.

The Result

Plug & charge – a quick and easy way to recharge e-cars at RWE public charging stations. The station transmits the amount of energy uploaded to the RWE customer center, where it is booked to the customer’s personal account. A complex technology that disappears behind the charging station’s clean lines and easy use. The vandalism-resistant design embodies calm and objectivity, and fits harmoniously into a city’s streetscape. In this project, we and RWE took a significant step forward in sustainable environmental production – because charging stations help reduce dependence on oil and natural gas.