designaffairs was founded in 1997 and runs studios in Munich, Erlangen, Shanghai and Portland. Our team of more than 100 interdisciplinary experts develops game-changing products and into-market strategies that generate sustainable change in our clients’ businesses. We love to explore and dare to throw old certainties overboard – creating the space for true innovation.

our uniqueness lies in the ability to develop holistic user experiences that deliver exciting new business opportunities.

Michael Lanz, Managing Director


designaffairs combines high-level understanding of the interconnectivity of modern life
with traditional design craftsmanship. Letting our minds and hearts run free, we deeply
immerse into the analog and digital universes to match the best of both worlds and
create purposeful new experiences.



Color & MaterialTechnology




User InterfaceDesign


Brand IdentityStrategy




We are a genial bunch of people with different expertise and multi-cultural backgrounds.
and one thing in common: we won't stop until we have completed our mission.
Nicole Dortans
Business Development Manager
Zhaoyang SUN
Marketing Coordinator
Grit Allenberg
Legal Manager
Jana Kapitz
Design Researcher
Wenwei LV
Werner Spicka
Executive Director
Franziska Haas
Usability Engineer
Fang XIA
Francesco IANNUZZI
Industrial Designer
Florian Hilbig
Industrial Design Teamlead
Kanghua LAN
Industrial Designer
Oliver Dean
Front End Developer
Chenxi Li
Talent Manager
Cunyi LIU
Space Designer
Klaas van Kreis
Competence Lead Visual Branding
Tobias Nagel
Executive Director
Susann Englisch
HR Manager
Jingran LI
User Experience Designer
Huishu Jia
User Experience Designer
Stella Morelli
User Interface Designer
Animation Designer
Stefan Hillenmayer
Director ID Realization CL ID Realization
Zhigang XIONG
Visual Designer
Roxie CHIU
User Experience Designer
Simon Holzmann
Industrial Designer
Li Xia
Director of Strategic Partnering
Jessie LU
Head of Strategic Planning
Strategist, Competence Lead Brand & Design Strategy
Sibylle Wollender
Design Research und Usability Engineer
Xun WU
Strategist, Project Manager
Sebastian Wendlandt
Executive Director
Zijian LI
Visual Designer
Sebastian Schärfer
Industrial Designer
Sebastian Pietta
Interaction Technologist
Sandra Dellian
Project Controller
Competence Lead Research and Innovation
Lily GAO
Visual Designer
Rainer Wolf
IT User Support
Marcus Schoch
UI Designer
Viola Reise
Associate Director Brand Strategy
Tani Eisenstein
Front End Developer
Robert Lamb
Integrated Designer
Ning Zhou
Industrial Designer
Director of Strategy (Mobility Expert)
Muya Hong
UI Designer
Dr. Martin Jentsch
Associate Director Usability Concept
Markus Mutterer
Industrial Designer
Haiping Liao
Industrial Designer
Linda Josiger
Executive Director Business Development
Johannes Huber
Principal Usability Engineer & Competence Lead Usability
Vasela Quadrat
Office support
Jiahao Huang
Industrial Designer
Dr. Jens Mühlstedt
Principal UX Innovation
Gerhard Helmreich
Managing Director
Gabor Wraight
Director Interaction Technology
Yiqian Bao
Industrial Designer
Floris Provoost
Business Development Consultant
Evelyn Schweiger
Usability Engineer
Wencheng ZHANG
Industrial Designer
Jing Xia
Industrial Designer
David Klein
Christoph Baur
Usability Engineer
Benjamin Mohrich
Visual Designer
Shirley CHEN
Advanced Project Manager
UX Director
Benedict Bihlmaier
Front End Developer
Andreas Rieger
Executive Director PM, IT + Internal Operation
Max Münster
Industrial Designer
Design Strategist
Wenwei LV
Anette Schipper
Chief Financial Officer
Balázs Kocsis
Data Scientist
Industrial Designer
Industrial Designer
Alexandre Avranches
Industrial Designer
Alisa Predojevic
Assistenz der Geschäftsführung
Yun-Han Huang
Business Development Manager
Nico Michler
Matteo Trisolini
Principal Design Researcher and Brand Strategist
Lidan Liu
Managing Partner
Maresa Biermann
Usability Engineer
Michael Lanz
Managing Director
Kristin Lewitzka
Principal Interaction Designer & Engineer
Uta Maly
Internal Project Manager
Yilin LV
Industrial Designer
Guojie WANG
Industrial Designer
Silvia Ferrante
team assistant
Joachim von Maltzan
Director Usability
Olga Poliakova
Associate Director Visual Design
Moritz Ludwig
Managing Director
Roman Wollinsky
Marketing Manager
Sichao Jin
Simon Scheuring
User Interface Designer
Julia Löffler
Associate Director User Interface Design
Markus Mottscheller
Executive Director Studio Erlangen
Anna Lena Romeis
Industrial Designer
Yali ZOU
Administration Assistant
Tobias Kotulla
Industrial Designer
Katja Spaeder
Assistenz der Geschäftsführung
Alexander Pollock
Senior Director of Strategic Partnering
Secilia SHI
Admin Supervisor
Abby WU
Martina Luft
Usability Engineer
Heling Zhong
Finance Manager
Christopher Hable
Industrial Designer
Spencer Wu
Business Operations Manager

Accenture Industry X.0

designaffairs is part of the Accenture Industry X.0 cosmos. Together, we help our clients master digital transformation and unlock new revenue streams and business models for their digital future. We unify our strengths to deliver support in every aspect of our clients’ multi-phase transition including R&D, customer experience, engineering & manufacturing, business support, ecosystems and workforce.