Baomi® Air Purifier

App-controlled air purifier with air quality index indication.

Black squared air purifier by BAOMI

From software to hardware.

With the Air Purifier we supported the software company Baomi up to the entry into the market for physical hardware products. We worked closely with the company to connect their software expertise to expertly designed hardware. The result was an efficient tool for purifying indoor air, especially for bedrooms. The Baomi® Air Purifier is small, fast, efficient and quiet. The embedded sensor based on German technology detects real-time air quality as soon as you turn the machine on and acts like a smart butler who cares about your health: When the air quality index is higher than the healthy level, it reminds you via the App to turn the cleaning system on.

Client Info

Project Date
User insights

The entire development process was based on the results of an intense user survey, from which we derived both the brand and product strategies. Our user research showed that young people in China in particular, tend to spend up to 30 minutes on their smart phones before turning in to sleep – so we designed an app to control the machine. And because the air purifier is used mostly in the bedroom, another important factor relevant for the purchase decision is, of course, the noise level. Our experts worked closely with the Baomi engineering team to reduce the noise of the air purifier to just 30 dB – the equivalent to leaves falling, a sleeping baby, or merely turning pages of a book, by using a Japanese electric motor with the latest technology.

Solutions for pollution issues

Air pollution is a big issue in China. In 2014, Baomi approached us with the objective of making the purifying process faster and more efficient. Our designers and strategists were challenged with linking Baomi’s expertise in software development to expertly designed hardware centred on a highly integrated smartphone App. The resulting brand and into market strategy as well as the design implementation were all huge successes for Baomi.

Entering new markets

Baomi, a software company, expanded its services to include hardware.

30 minutes

User research had shown that the Chinese spend 30 minutes on their smartphones before turning into sleep every night – so we made the air purifier controllable using an App.

Visual graphic: structured brown and black material.
Color strategy

Because the air purifier can be operated using a highly integrated, user-friendly smartphone interface, it benefits from a minimalistic layout and design language. The seamless design of screen and the front panel lend the air purifier a clean, efficient appearance. Based on the results of our detailed consumer research, our CMFP experts adapted the visual language and color scheme to the Chinese market’s requirements: The Baomi air purifier is available in three models in the colors white, black and wood – designed especially to blend in smoothly with typical Chinese bedroom settings and furnishings. We also designed two special limited editions for Valentine’s Day 2015: Golden pink and golden chocolate – both of which were tremendously successful.

Air flow of the BAOMI air purifier.
Details of the air quality display of the BAOMI air purifier.
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