Bosch Corporate GUI Styleguide

The basis for an uniform User Interface across all business divisions.

BOSCH GUI Styleguide: Smarthome screen.

Increasing perception with consistency.

As a strategic partner we supported Bosch from the initial steps right up to the completion of a corporate-wide holistic user experience. We created a common underlying framework with the Corporate Graphical User Interface (GUI) Styleguide: The four corporate and 20 business divisions are provided with a uniform design that still leaves enough scope for context-related interpretation in the respective sector. The method established by designaffairs ensures that the Bosch design style corresponds to the brand.

Client Info

Robert Bosch GmbH
Project Date


The Corporate GUI Styleguide has been available to all staff responsible for design worldwide since 2014.

The challenge

The interests of four corporate and 20 business divisions are combined worldwide under one roof with the Corporate GUI Styleguide.

Design language and benchmark

The Corporate GUI Styleguide has been in place worldwide for all Bosch employees now since 2014. The aim of the centrally managed GUI is to avoid multiple developments and make optimal use of synergy effects. In addition to tools regarding color, fonts and screen rasters, the document also includes different Photoshop files to be used as the starting point for projects. Our team put initial implementations into place and tweaked some design elements that can be used by all business divisions as benchmark references for new implementations. This enabled us to resolve the challenge of technical limitations resulting from differing displays such as Retina, Mac, HD or Segment Display.

A uniform design

The Brand Management and Corporate Design department at Robert Bosch GmbH commissioned us in 2012 to examine how a uniform user experience for the Bosch brand could best be realized. Our preliminary work involved writing a white paper that not only covered efficiency reasons, cost reductions and a uniform design, but also looked at the following question: Is Bosch prepared for a change process of these dimensions as a globally-operating corporation?

BOSCH GUI Styleguide: Industry, household and leisure devices.


We reduced the diverse 42 internal styleguides to one single corporate-wide document.

Smartphone with the BOSCH smart home app.
Corporate Graphical User Interface Styleguide

We conducted extensive interviews with product and brand managers from ten business divisions so that we could bundle the experiences, wishes and requirements. These discussions, coupled with the review of 42 existing styleguides at Bosch, helped us to develop a feeling for the scope of the future styleguide. At the same time we worked on matching the Bosch brand values with the newly defined, more dynamic attributes. The result was a specific design style for the visual design, based on a brand profile. Once the design elements had been refined and approved by the management at Bosch, the three user scenarios e-Bike, packaging machine and automotive infotainment were developed as examples with two concepts respectively. A total of 800 respondents from the USA, China and Germany plus a selected group of our clients evaluated the visual concepts with our SimuPro® tool in an online panel. The “winning” design style was convincing with many new elements and a professional design. Since the final styleguide was presented online in early 2014 for all corporate and business divisions, we are seeing new projects designed in an uniform visual design style across the globe on a daily basis.

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Persons in charge.
Andreas Rieger Director Project Management

Andreas Rieger Executive Director Project Management

“Project Management is like a journey into the unknown. Sounds strange? Perhaps. But it is reality.”
Tools we used in the process
Abstract mood pictures for SimuPro: Triangles, circles and the WMF1 pad machine.