DATEV Interact

We redefine client support: making it self-explanatory and interactive.

Interactive multitouch table Microsoft Surface for DATEV.

New alternatives in the multi-touch area.

With the software development for DATEV Interact we focused on a haptic and interactive experience – revolutionizing the client support as a result: Now, instead of just viewing figures in grey screens, tax advisers and their clients can view interactive diagrams, zooming in and simulating the effects of investments with one hand movement.


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Project Date
DATEV software enlarging graph touchscreen
New way of working with clients

Our cross-disciplinary team opted for the interactive multi-touch table Microsoft Surface to implement the innovative consultation tool. We set up all the details for personal consultations. We focused strongly on a realistic depiction when designing the user interface. The design reflects a haptic experience and is based upon an intuitive and natural interaction with the interface. As such, the user can run through different scenarios himself and discuss things as an equal with the tax advisor.

Tax software with a “wow” effect

In 2009 DATEV commissioned us with the implementation of a pilot project for CEBIT that redefines the consultation process and generates interest for the topic “tax advice”. The project was designed to incorporate the latest technologies. We realized and completed the project in just five weeks and helped DATEV to increase interest in their services tremendously at the CEBIT show.


Even traditional software modules can be optimized and migrated.


We show how to make dry tax and accounting software more interesting.

CEBIT showcase as a starting point for a long-term partnership

The Interact-table can be operated from several sides. Depicted objects can be turned around, shifted or zoomed. We visualized the elements which can be worked on interactively by touch with a raised surface. The values can be changed using slider controls and the respective results are displayed instantly in the diagrams. Therefore we set the transparent invest object on the surface. The control panel appears and the values can be varied with a hand movement. The resonance for the showcase at the CEBIT show was tremendous – and for us, the first milestone in a successful partnership with DATEV. We are still working on various projects with the internal User Experience Team and the specialist departments at DATEV today on strategy, prototypes and corporate design style.

DATEV Software Touchscreen
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Persons in charge.
Werner Spicka Executive Director Interaction Experience

Werner Spicka Executive Director Interaction Experience

“Great ideas need a great team to become unique interface experiences.”