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Ecovacs Robotics

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Household appliances

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Easy and smart cleaning solutions

WINBOT X is a window cleaning robot, specialized on big-size floor-to-ceiling windows with a 19,000 rpm per minute and 2,800 Pa absorption force. It switches automatically to the most efficient route between “Z” and “N” according to the shape of the window ATMOBOT AA3 is a self-movable air purifier that fits big room sizes. It has the powerful function of purifying the whole house air with a small cylindrical body. The user operates it through an APP, then the LDS laser and sensors effectively help to avoid obstacles in order to generate a room map in real time. The user can select a key area by setting a purification point. Then the dust-sensing system agilely senses the PM2.5 index in the air, while intelligently adjusting the purification mode, and silently cleanses the formaldehyde.