Grundig White Goods

New product category for traditional German brand.

Two washing machines, a dishwasher, refrigerator and oven by Grundig.

Like a phoenix from the ashes.

We opened up a completely new product category for our customer Grundig and as such, established the original consumer electronics brand successfully in the market for large household appliances. We developed a new design language which got right to the heart of the Grundig brand perception: The feeling among consumers that Grundig has always produced “white goods” is now provably measurable.

Client Info

Grundig Intermedia GmbH
Household Appliances
Project Date
Grundig's washing mashine, dishwasher and oven.
Traditional brand with high quality standards

Within a period of just two years we succeeded in establishing market recognition for the new portfolio by the traditional German brand comprising household appliances such as washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and ovens. We positioned the Grundig brand with its new “white goods” product family in the upper middle-class segment with an autonomous, brand shaping product and interface design. In the meantime there are more than 50 versions of these products by Grundig. The design language was later adapted by Grundig for other small electronic appliances such as toasters, waffle irons and hair-dryers.

Design metaphor
“The Grand Piano”

We created a design symphony for Grundig’s new household appliances portfolio that was inspired by the image of a grand piano.

Kitchen with Grundig's White Goods.

“The designaffairs team produced excellent work. The strategically consistent and innovative methodology in particular succeeded in replicating the Grundig brand values optimally in the design of our new household appliances.”

Christian Struck, Director Brand Management at Grundig

We can measure brand and design perception, bringing them into harmony. This fact also convinced the Arcelik-Group, within which the Group’s Grundig brand had the objective of repositioning itself in 2011: Until then, the traditional German brand had only been known for its “brown goods” and small electrical appliances. The aim now was to become established in the “white goods” segment, too.

Brand value and design metaphor

In an initial brand workshop in Istanbul our strategy experts explained the tools and methods which would then be applied to differentiate the five core brands Arcelik, Beko, Grundig, Elektra Bregenz and Blomberg within the Arcelik-Group. The plan was for Grundig to expand its portfolio and differentiate itself distinctly from the characteristics of its sister brands with new values and attributes. We used our SimuPro® tool to test the brand perception in Turkey, England and Germany and supported the results with a country-specific comparison of the Design Style Observation. Based on this, we then developed the design language for the entire new portfolio in the household sector. To further substantiate the brand values we applied the design metaphor of a grand piano. This image served as inspiration for the design development and was applied continually from the adaptation of the brand and design manual in the form of product archetypes and prototypes up to production and market launch.


In the meantime there are now 50 “white goods” models by Grundig.


Archetypes have a lasting influence on the design language.

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Persons in charge.
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Tools we used in the process
Abstract mood pictures for SimuPro: Triangles, circles and the WMF1 pad machine.


Mood picture for DSO: implied four examples for design styles.

Design Style