Haier TV Symphony

Convertible flat panel HIFI set.

Symphony for Home Entertainment.

Completely regardless of how the appearance and technology of TVs changes in the future – the core function will still be that of watching and listening! Designed by designaffairs, the Haier TV Symphony embodies a flat panel HIFI TV set that can be set at any angle for the perfect home entertainment experience.



Client Info

Consumer Electronics
Project Date
Rotating base

The Haier Symphony Series was developed with the aim of bringing concert hall quality sound into the home and as such to further enhance the visual experience. The Hi-Fi-Equipment is encased in a stage-shaped metal base that can be tilted by 90° so that it can be mounted with the screen on a wall.


Premium flat panel LED TV.


A rotating base foot as basis for infinitely variable angles.

The next TV generation

In 2010 we designed and developed a premium 55″ flat panel LED TV set based on the latest components and display technologies for our customer Haier. The objective was to address the target markets China, USA and Europe. This involved identifying the next TV generation’s color and material trends and, at the same time, identifying a new design direction for the Haier Premium TVs.

Material and trend research

Our industrial designers worked hand in hand with the Colour & Material Team on a trend analysis with material examples for the next generation of Premium-TVs. In combination with a style definition based on our tools Design Style Observation (DSO) these research results served as a guide for the design language applied to the new Haier Series. We worked closely with our customer through the phases from the concept development to more detailed design work and finally up to the production maturity of the TV set. The project’ success was influenced considerably by the smooth communication between the customer’s development department in Asia and our native speakers as well as largely pre-designed mechanical construction solutions developed by our Concept Engineering Department.

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Persons in charge.
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Tools we used in the process.
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Design Style