Mobility Brave & Bold

A special stage for big thinkers who failed to get further.

Mobility Brave and Bold

da. gives a special stage for risk takers and big thinkers who hold an invaluable part in the paradigm shift we currently experience – the mobility transition. New mobility start-ups and disruptive innovators will give insights, discuss bold ideas and the challenges along the way to realization. What are the conditions? What are the important dynamics? What mistakes were made and what can we learn from it?
This event is taking place parallel to the IAA Auto Show in Frankfurt on 12th September 2017.

Place: Showroom Hamptons, Hansaallee 17, Frankfurt
Time: 12th September 6:30pm
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Mobility Brave & Bold Speakers

Patrik Tykesson

CEO E-bility GmbH

Its not just building scooters – it’s a matter of mindset and conviction

Patrik Tykesson is CEO and co-founder of E-bility GmbH, a successful electric scooter start-up with its brand “Kumpan electric”. Together with his two brothers he started the company in 2010 in Germany from scratch, anticipating the trend towards clean and sustainable urban mobility on two wheels. Kumpan electric is not just special in the way that it designs all product components in house, it also just relocated the entire production line back to Germany. Today Patrik will give us an exclusive insight into the struggles, challenges and joys of starting a company from scratch. He will tell us about the disparity between possible technical enablers and legislative disablers, and the plans he has for the future.

Hjörtur Smárason

Founder and Consultant of Scope Communications; Organizer of The Future City of Africa conference; Advisory Board Member at ASENTI

Never Waste a Good Crisis.

Hjörtur sums up this event with his headline: Never Waste a Good Crisis – crisis mean change – and changes mean opportunities. Even though this headline was coined for a talk on the economic fall and resurrection of Island, I feel it is equally suited to describe the rapid development of African megacities who experience crisis and consequential innovation on a daily basis. Hjörtur will talk about his fascination with African urban development and what we can learn from that in Europe, where growth is limited, where overregulation hampers development.

Dr. Andreas Knie

Social Scientist & Head of Research Group Science Policy Studies at WZB Berlin Social Science Center; Professor for Sociology at TU Berlin; Founder and Management Director at INNOZ

The more connected we are, the faster we will be!

Dr. Andreas Knie will give us a quick insight into the various challenges and pittfalls that come along with pioneering mobility solutions at the intersection of governance, transport, energy, and communications technology. He will touch upon the challenges and opportunities that arise from the anticipated separation of Brands and Products and the evolving trend towards platform governed mobility services.

Patrick Arle

Founder and CEO at m-tribes &; Wunder Carpool, former COO & CPO

The best intentions can fail when the urban framework doesn’t match your idea.

Patrick Arle impersonates the young start-up entrepreneur and has so far build up 3 successful companies, 2 of them focused on mobility, 1 of them facilitated over 1 Mio. carpooling rides in 2016 in Asia alone… Wunder Carpool! Patrick will tell us the incredible story of Wunder that started with demonstrating Taxi drivers in Hamburg and ends with ever growing success on a now global mobility marketplace. He will share with us, how a small detail can bring a big idea to a stand still and how another detail can make it a huge success.

Jørn Haanæs

Start-up Director at Oslo Business Region; CEO of Sounddrop

Building a smart city is all about accelerating processes.

Jørn will take us on a journey to Oslo and its progressive approach to regional business development. In his role as a Startup Director he not only promotes young entrepreneurs setting up business in his city, but he also gets plenty of insights into the challenges and resistances the city faces on its way to become an even smarter city. In his 10 min talk Jørn will focus on aspects of mobility, on failed and successful attempts of changing established transport systems, on administrative and entrepreneurial ventures on changing the way people get from A to B. Norway being the country with the proportionally highest number of electric vehicles on the road makes Jørns insights on legislations, incentivation and infrastructural developments even more enticing!

Host and moderator: Tobias Nagel

Expert for Innovation in Mobility,
Executive Director Product Experience at designaffairs

We need people who put bold ideas into practice and see where they lead.

Tobias Nagel, Expert for Innovation Management in Product & Automotive Design heads the PX team of designaffairs Munich. Tobi graduated from the Royal College of Art and spent many years of his career at Nissan Motors, Tokyo, Japan. His extensive experience inspires him to question current concepts of mobility and to think ahead. His creative focus is not on cars but in the way people move.

Tobias Nagel