Richard Wolf
Flexible Endoscope

A new market for the long-established company.

Health care design: flexible endoskop by Richard Wolf.

Innovative product family.

We supported the endoscope manufacturer Richard Wolf through the conceptual and implementation phases for a new product family. While the company formerly only produced rigid metal endoscopes, they now also manufacture flexible plastic devices which are convincing with their ergonomic perfection and a distinctive, brand-shaping design. We defined not only the design language with key elements and assumed the conceptional work for the new product family, but also realized the first device in the form of a multi-functional, flexible endoscope.

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Richard Wolf
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The first flexible endoscope by the long-standing company Richard Wolf.


From rigid metal endoscopes to flexible plastic devices.

Brand identity

Richard Wolf has taken a major step towards becoming a comprehensive service provider for endoscopy with us: Our many years of market knowledge helped the client in his decision to complement the traditional metal production with serial plastic manufacturing processes. By making this addition to their product range, the company not only significantly improved the shape of the flexible endoscope, but also achieved a consistent high level of quality. We translated the brand attributes into a harmonious design language to create a high recognition factor for the new product line. The new hand piece made of plastic injection-molded elements also enabled us to stamp distinctive key elements directly into the material.

New markets

In 2010 Richard Wolf relied on our medical technology expertise to extend their portfolio and enter a new market sector. The aim was to translate the high hand crafting quality and precision for which the long-standing company was known into the new serially manufactured devices in stylistic terms. A further challenge posed in the conceptional phase of the endoscope lay in the very different ways that users operate the endoscopes.

brand shaping

Our form language translates the corporate values in line with the brand and is adopted as the new corporate design style.

Health care design: flexible endoskop by Richard Wolf.
User centered design

We perfected the ergonomic attributes for the grip based on our findings from user surveys and hospital tests. The first models were the result of extensive tests run together with ten surgeons. We then equipped the favorites with the real fibre optics and technology so that patient tests could be conducted. The result was a modular system that can be supplemented by varying instruments such as grippers or needles. Our new design style for the Richard Wolf Endoscope translated the brand values with elliptical shapes, ergonomic imprints and precise edges so exactly, that the key elements soon became established in the company’s corporate design.

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Persons in charge.
Gerd Helmreich Managing Director and Expert for Medical & Healthcare

Gerd Helmreich Managing Director

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”
Markus Motscheller Expert for Design Processes and Realization

Executive Director Product Experience Erlangen

“Design is not an end in itself.”