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Want to know about the latest and greatest in color material and user interface?
Welcome to our labs!

Abstract mood picture for the Color Material Lab: girl standing in front of shelfs and cupboards holding a golden and black cube in her hands.


Our Color Material (CM) & User Interface (UI) Lab exhibits new developments in materials & technologies, as well as interface technologies. A visit to our CMUI Lab will no doubt inspire you, be it as part of a group tour, a one-day workshop or a client meeting!


Our Material Library at the CMUI Lab is a unique and innovative way to showcase new materials and technologies. It invites and enables you to open your ideas at the intersection of analogue materials and digital media. With a daily, ever growing collection of 1,800 unique materials and over 6,000 different samples provided by our partners such as A.Schulman, it caters for material researches, material workshops and events – all aiming to raise the awareness of innovative and creative material implementations. All materials are exhibited so as to encourage interaction and the senses. The full collection is documented and is available as an online Material Search Engine called materialaffairs.

Abstract mood picture for Color Material Lab: various materials from glas, metal, plastic and wood.


unique materials


different samples

Abstract mood picture for the User Interface Lab: A hand gestures a swipe movement in front of a touch screen.
User Interface Lab

Our User Interface platform at the CMUI Lab is an open space to discover and explore new surface technologies, sensors, gesture solutions, displays and more. New interface technologies become tangible here.

Our Lab is a sources of inspiration for new product ideas and design solutions for our clients, designers and new business partners. Innovative breakthroughs and successful products are the result of sharing knowledge, ideas and business contacts with designaffairs and the Lab partners such as DEMMEL AG.

User Testing Lab

Our lab was created specifically for the purpose of executing and observing user tests live. There is an observer room for the people monitoring the test and a testing room where the interview takes place. Both rooms are equipped with modern testing software, hardware and according cameras.

In-between the two rooms there is a one-sided mirror. This can be used to observe the user testing live, with the option of sharing the testing experience with the customer.

user testing lab designaffairs