Somatom Force

Development of an innovative computer tomography scanner.

CT-machine SIEMENS SOMATOM force.

A new concept for SIEMENS CT.

We designed the Somatom Force for SIEMENS Healthcare in the group’s corporate design that we had previously developed and also surprised them with a product innovation: With a special cladding we turned the CT-machine into a hard-wearing partner, while the innovative lighting concept has been proven to reduce the patients’ fears. During the project we not only proved that we master the CT subject when it comes to product design itself, but are also a competence partner when it comes to developing interactive concepts and implementing HMI concepts.

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SIEMENS Healthcare
Project Date
A focus upon usability

With the Somatom Force project we optimized the usability of the SIEMENS CT machines for the three main user groups: The innovative lighting concept gives the funnel a more open feel and, as a result, has demonstrably reduced the patients’ fears. The entire design of the computer tomography scanner emits a feeling of reliability and confidence. The medical specialists can set the individual settings in a way that is not possible on standard machines thanks to the new operational concept which includes a larger display and symmetrical alignment of operating elements on both sides of the scanner. The completely new cladding design can be opened easily by just one person so that service times and costs can be reduced.

The patient table of SIEMENS' CT-machine SOMATOM Force.

“The colorful play of lights gives this CT an inviting appearance. Soft edges and silver highlights complete the stylish design.”

Statement by the Red Dot Product Design Award Jury
CT-machine SIEMENS SOMATOM force from the side.
A new product line that is instantly recognizable

CT machines represent speed, dynamics and data flow. These attributes should also be perceptible in the new Somatom Force design. SIEMENS Healthcare set us three objectives for this project: The new design should reflect the key elements of the corporate design which was defined in conjunction with designaffairs in 2009, integrate the HMI as a major element of the machine and mirror the efficient work flow of the top range CTs in conjunction with the product design. Our draft for the Somatom Force was convincing on all levels.

Perfect dovetailing of all services

First of all, we conducted a comprehensive market screening and developed a strategic concept for the Somatom range that works in the long-term as well as offering solutions for both the low-level as well as high-end. One of the greatest challenges facing us was the new concept development for the cladding. The CT machines are used in many different areas, including emergency surgery for example, and here we had to fulfill various different requirements and hygiene regulations. An additional focus was also on the robustness and stability of the machines, whilst taking account at the same time of cost reductions. Our extensive material research resulted in an innovative idea: Where formerly machine cladding was replaced at the manufacturer’s expense, we implemented a special form of cladding which can easily stand up to use in the dynamic working environment without sustaining damage. These CT attributes were translated by our designers into flowing, dynamic forms that gave a face to the Somatom Force, while at the same time reflecting the characteristics typical of the SIEMENS family.

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