UX Week @designaffairs

The theme of this year's first week of July at designaffairs is "User - Usability - User Experience"

German UPA Munich @designaffairs

On July 2, we invite you to join the Usability Afterwork Event at designaffairs Munich! The main focus of the event besides networking will be the exchange of working experience. Afterwork lemonade and small snacks will be served. Attendance is free of charge.

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Agenda for July 2

18:30 Welcome

19:00 „First rough usability concepts“
Johannes Huber | designaffairs

19:30 Break

20:00 „UX Lab 2.0“
Katharina Frison | LMU Munich, designaffairs

20:30 Lean Coffee

22:00 Good bye and good night

 Munich Design Jam @designaffairs

On Saturday, July 4, we will host the Munich Design Jam! It’s a one-day design jam, to prototype cool, disruptive products. The theme will be announced to the participants via email a couple days before the jam, for maximum excitement.

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Agenda for July 4

9:00 Breakfast

9:30 Tour of designaffairs’ Material Lab

10:00 Topic presentation

10:30 Brainstorming

11:30 Mini-presentations

12:00 Break

13:00 Prototyping

19:00 Final presentation