As shown in our sample
cases and best practices: we never settle for the easy way out.

MAN CitE truck With more emotions
through the city

Bluetooth transmitter Bosch Track Tag

Bosch TrackMyTools The Internet of Things for Craft Businesses

Hyundai Driver Information System, operating concept infotainement, enhancement user experience.

Hyundai Driver Information System Innovative, three-dimensional touch interface

Black squared air purifier by BAOMI

Baomi® Air Purifier App-controlled air purifier with air quality index indication.

Examples for BOSCH GUI Styleguide

Bosch Corporate GUI Styleguide The basis for a uniform UI across all business divisions

Example for a user centered interactive HTML 5 click archtype

Usability vision for an automotive group Shaping business through Design Thinking

Three fridge-freezers, Big-Eye Crystal washing machine by TCL

White Goods
New product portfolio for Chinese company

Health Care industrial design: SIEMENS CT Scanner SOMATOM Force

SIEMENS Somatom Force Development of an innovative computer tomography scanner

NESCAFÉ® Milano 2.0, commercial coffeemaker, User Interface Design.

NESCAFɮMilano 2.0 Cloud coffee machine in
the commercial sector

Audi Haptic Touch, enhancement of user experience.

Audi Haptic Touch Innovative operating concept
for infotainment systems

RWE Smart Home thermostat and remote controller.

RWE SmartHome Control your energy balances simply, conveniently and safely

The operating elements for a GRUNDIG washing machine with two baskets on top

White Goods
New product category for traditional German brand

Interactive diagrams of the new tax software for DATEV.

DATEV Interact We redefine client support: self-explanatory and interactive

Original MINI Care Products. We created industrial design for car care.

MINI Car Care New gloss for MINI
car care products

The Innovaphone telephone: Industrial design.

Innovaphone IP Development and design of an IP-telephone family

Health care design: flexible endoskop by Richard Wolf in an operating room.

Richard Wolf
Flexible Endoscope
A new market for the long-established company

The WMF1 coffee machine in a cube design.

WMF 1 How a pad machine conquered the household coffee market