Selected Projects

Take a look at our broad product selection ranging across industry sectors with a focus in interface and product design.

Machine control redesigned

beck GUI Refreshbeck packautomatenbeck GUI Refresh (2016)Industry2016

With a smart content reduction and a repositioning of screen elements we optimized the user interface for beck packautomaten. The use of 3D renderings and a consistent icon language resulted in an efficient and intuitive navigation through the system.

Connectivity: Tools 4.0

TrackMyToolsRobert Bosch GmbH Power ToolsBosch TrackMyTools (2014-2015)Building Technologies2014-2015

Internet of Things for Craft Businesses: The digital inventory management system TrackMyTools enables devices to communicate through applications on smartphones and PCs and can be managed online. more…

Revolutionary interaction method

Driver Information SystemHyundaiDriver Information System (2014)Automotive & Mobility2014

The quest of developing a new central control panel concept for Hyundai’s car infotainment system, replacing the classical jog-dial controller, led our team to a revolutionary, but simple outcome: an inverted sphere, the ‘bowl’. more…

Designing the future

Usability Vision BMW AGUsability Vision (2014-2015)Automotive & Mobility2014-2015

With the “Usability Vision” we showed the potentials of Design Thinking and User Centered Design methods for new process definitions and developed an interaction concept for the interactive HTML5-click prototype. more…

App-controlled air purifier

Baomi® Air PurifierBaomiBaomi® Air Purifier (2014)Household2013-2014

With the Air Purifier we supported the software company Baomi up to the entry into the market for physical hardware products. The result was an efficient tool for purifying indoor air, especially for bedrooms. more…

Coffee ecosystem

NESCAFÉ® Milano 2.0Nestlé Professional BeveragesNESCAFÉ® Milano 2.0 (2014)Food & Beverages2014

For Nestlé we stirred up the conventional coffee market in the commercial sector with an exciting innovation: The NESCAFÉ® Milano 2.0 is connected to a software infrastructure via GSM and the internet, allowing the machine to be configured and serviced in real-time. more…

Design language for Bosch

Corporate GUI StyleguideBoschCorporate GUI Styleguide(2014)Corporate2014

As a strategic partner we supported Bosch from the initial steps right up to the completion of a corporate-wide holistic user experience. We created a common underlying framework with the Corporate Graphical User Interface (GUI) Styleguide for all business divisions. more…

New product portfolio

White GoodsTCL GroupWhite Goods (2013-2014)Household2013-2014

We accompanied TCL’s first steps into the highly competitive household appliances market in China with the innovative White Goods Series. The new product portfolio convinces with its award-winning design and provides innovative features that guarantee hygiene and also save both energy and water consumption. more…

From energy to service provider

SmartHomeRWE EffizienzSmartHome (2011)Building Technologies2011

For the new product line of RWE we developed an innovative product and interface design that makes configuration and operation of the home control software really easy. The Group mastered the transition from a pure energy supplier to a service provider with SmartHome. more…

High gloss in the fast lane

Original MINI CareBMW GroupOriginal MINI Care (2012)Automotive & Mobility2012

With the Original MINI Care Products we succeeded in capturing the uniqueness and presence of the MINI brand into a simple, very functional, but still outstandingly autonomous packaging. The guiding idea for the design of the containers and labels was the MINI heritage of the Monte Carlo Rally. more…

A free hand for rescue workers

Thermal imaging camera UCFDräger SafetyThermal imaging camera UCF (2011)Tools2011

The Dräger UCF Thermal Imaging Camera set new standards in the segment of fire rescue services: Thanks to its compact and well-balanced 1.3 kg the camera can be operated with one hand. The image display can be adapted to each task, whether searching for people or locating fire pockets.

The personal assistant at the patient's bedside

Patient Infotainment SystemAckermannPatient Infotainment System (2011)Medical2011

With the interactive touch-system we set a new benchmark in patient infotainment. The system provides useful features and entertainment for the very heterogeneous hospital patients. We defined the design style, the control logic and the user interface design.

For perfect office and room lighting

NeximoTriluxNeximo (2011)Furniture & Office2011

We designed the future language for material and form for the new Neximo light by Trilux creating the ideal office and room lighting. With 50,000 hours of no-maintenance use and low energy consumption with a high light yield the Neximo is not only optically convincing.

Well packed, better dosed

IrresistibleIng. Erich PfeifferIrresistible (2011)Beauty & Care2011

In “Irresistible” we created the first secure dispensing system for sensitive, costly essences – whilst also developing a product design that embodies the brand values of Pfeiffer perfectly. The microbiological purity is guaranteed by a special filter technology.

Innovative shower wall

Free LoftDuscholuxFree Loft (2011)Home & Living2011

To set the next trend in bathroom design for Duscholux our strategists, designers and engineers combined material innovations and future trends. The Outcome: a glass partition comprising two off-set glass sheet elements serves as a divider, splash guard and customized shower atmosphere.

New face for BMW car care

Original BMW Care BMWOriginal BMW Care (2012)Automotive & Mobility2012

For the new packaging design of the Original BMW Care Products we focused strongly on the BMW brand values such as esthetics, dynamics and innovation. The highlight is the stripe on the lower edge of the labels matched specifically against the BMW series paint “Space Grey Metallic”.

Innovative hand-held sprayer

GrowGloriaGrow (2010)Home & Living2010

We developed a perfectly designed hand-held sprayer for Gloria, which stands out from the competition with an innovative idea: “Grow” combines two functions – spraying and pouring. This, in combination with the organic design, not only makes the pump spray an indispensable aid in the home, but also an aesthetic eye catcher.

Rich in contrast and consistent

SamputensiliSAMP S.p.A.Samputensili (2011)Heavy Industries2011

We developed a Corporate Product Design for the Samputensili family of grinding and milling machines, which resulted in high awareness for the brand values in the international production facilities. The new elements were implemented in the ongoing product developments.

Innovative product line

EndoscopeRichard WolfEndoscope (2010)Medical2010

Our team developed an innovative control element for a flexible endoscope of the new product line by Richard Wolf. The highest ergonomic standards allow doctors to work without getting tired. The product design of the control unit reflects Wolf’s technical innovation strength and intensifies the brand awareness. more…

New concept for CT-line

Somatom ForceSIEMENSSomatom Force (2013)Healthcare2013

We designed the SIEMENS Somatom Force in the group’s corporate design that we had previously developed and surprised them with a product innovation: A special cladding turns the CT into a hard-wearing partner, while the innovative lighting concept has been proven to reduce the patients’ fears. more…

Making sure the mask fits properly

Inhalation masksPariInhalation masks (2010)Medical2010

We developed a range of inhalation masks with an ideal fit for both large and small for Pari Pharma. In addition to a plain adult mask there are also two variations for children: Starfish and Spiggy. The more neutral starfish design can also be used for adults in Asia because of the differing facial physiognomy.

Interaction with the washing machine of tomorrow

Little Swan Touch InterfaceMideaLittle Swan Touch Interface (2010)Household2010

designaffairs made the new generation of washing machines fit for the future for Midea. By implementing our tools DSO and SimuPro® a new design language was created for the Little Swan’s touch interface. The washing machine provides extensive functionality without appearing complex.

Iconic design, that polarises

WMF 1WMF AGWMF 1 (2010)Household2010

The WMF 1 was something of a revolution in the coffee machine market. We deliberately polarised the effect with the iconic design: You either love it or you hate it. And it was precisely this discussion that rewarded the small machine – and as such also the WMF brand itself – with a seven-figure media value. more…

Green look for grey numbers

Software ProductsDATEVSoftware Products (2009)Software2009

designaffairs gave the DATEV products a modern and uniform facelift! The result: Complex work processes are mirrored in a few, understandable screen masks that give the user the best possible support. A new technology and user-friendly design make working with DATEV more fun and easier.

New product category

White GoodsGrundig IntermediaWhite Goods (2011)Household2011

We opened up a completely new product category for our customer Grundig and established the consumer electronics brand successfully in the market for large household appliances. We developed a new design language which got right to the heart of the Grundig brand perception. more…

Creative organization

Active Promo, Flash II, Vivanto IEsselte LeitzActive Promo, Flash II, Vivanto I (2011)Furniture & Office2011

For our customer Esselte Leitz we redesigned and adjusted the organizational systems Active Promo, Flash II and Vivanto I. Based on an in-depth target group analysis and socio-cultural trend screening, the new product lines were formed.

Functionality in the 4-star plus segment

GraceTabletop AGGrace (2010)Home & Living2010

Based on trends in the catering sector and functional requirements, we designed the new restaurant collection for Schönwald within the Tabletop AG. Using the series’ positioning we derived the design direction characterized by gentle contours and floral shapes that correspond perfectly to the target group.

Stroller system

SymbioGraco Newell Rubbermaid USASymbio (2010)Mother & Child2010

We developed a new platform system addressing the European market for the US-company Graco. It allows individual decisions regarding shape, color and mechanics and as such resulted in lasting success and broad acceptance throughout Europe.

Fast and safe screening

Mammomat InspirationSIEMENS HealthcareMammomat Inspiration (2010)Medical2010

With the SIEMENS MAMMOMAT Inspiration we developed an intelligent mammography unit that enormously simplifies the work process and at the same time alleviates fears at the cancer prevention for the patients. It makes the examination processes more efficient and precise for the clinics as well.

Revolutionizing the multi-touch

InteractDATEVInteract (2009)Software2009

With the software development for DATEV Interact we focused on a haptic and interactive experience – revolutionizing the client support as a result: Instead of just viewing figures in grey screens, tax advisers and their clients can view interactive diagrams, zooming in and simulating the effects of investments with one movement. more…

Symphony for Home Entertainment

TV SymphonyHaierTV Symphony (2010)Consumer Electronics2010

Completely regardless of how the appearance and technology of TVs changes in the future – the core function will still be that of watching and listening! Designed by designaffairs, the Haier TV Symphony embodies a flat panel HIFI TV that can be set at any angle for the perfect home entertainment experience.

Compact. Sporty. Intuitive.

UMTS EntryHuaweiUMTS Entry (2010)Consumer Electronics2010

Developing this multifunctional device, we focused on a music feature with a smooth surface design. Huawei’s new mobile telephone made the entry into using UMTS service easy and consequently addressed a broad and diverse target group.

Sustainable packaging design

Natural CareBMWNatural Care (2009)Automotive & Mobility2009

Natural Care is the world’s first line of car care products made by especially resource-conserving techniques produced under ethical and ecologically responsible principles. The containers are also particularly environmentally-friendly in their composition, manufacture and recycling – reflecting the character of the whole series.

Plug & Charge

e-mobility Charging StationRWEe-mobility Charging Station (2009)Automotive & Mobility2009

We assumed the entire development, prototyping and design of the charging stations for E-cars for the energy company RWE – from the initial idea, the search for manufacturers and up to the market launch. The design is vandal-resistant and fits harmoniously into a city’s streets.

Cutting edges

EvoIrwin Industrial ToolsEvo (2009)Tools2009

We redefined the ergonomics and functionality of the traditional saw design: From detailed requirements analysis to initial concept sketches and finally up to the finished product design. The exertion when sawing is reduced by using the entire blade length. This makes EVO the best universal handsaw for diverse materials and jobs.

From cylinder and wave to a clear line

LCD-TVLGLCD-TV (2005)Consumer Electronics2005

We set ground-breaking design standards with the new LG LCD-TV. A horizontal cylinder served as a central design element with high quality. In 2006 a wave followed the cylinder, which became a horizontal line in 2007. We advised on the market, target groups and materials and supported with specifically targeted methods.

The best medicine against cost pressure

Magnetom EssenzaSIEMENS HealthcareMagnetom Essenza (2008)Medical2008

We developed a reliable power pack for medical centers that have to cover the entire diagnostic range on low budgets with the 1.5T MRI Essenza. The new MRT system’s design is light and embodies the SIEMENS’ leadership with a high functionality and quality with tremendous cost efficiency.

What you see is what you feel

Haptic TouchAUDI AGHaptic Touch (2009)Automotive & Mobility2009

With the Haptic Touch we developed an innovative operating concept for Audi: display contents are mapped out and therefore are haptic touchable. The touch sensitive surface can extend 1.200 piezo controlled pins individually and in this turns into a touchable interaction area. more…


KM 45 Petra ElectricKM 45 (2009)Household2009

We conducted the entire new positioning for the Petra Pad Coffee Automatic Machine KM 45 and combined goals, values and attributes in a clear design strategy. The result: A machine that provides four different methods of preparation for absolute coffee enjoyment – at the press of just one button.

Enlightening design

TomoScope Synergie TwinCT-ImagingTomoScope Synergie Twin (2009)Medical2009

We designed a CT for small animals with a modern, exclusive appearance: Viewing windows were required to allow the animals to be monitored which reduced the radiation times. Our experts ensured the optimum protection against radiation by selecting the perfect materials for cladding and windows.

Developing partner

IP222, IP232, IP111InnovaphoneIP222, IP232, IP111 (2010)TIME2010

We supported Innovaphone at their first in-house development of a telephone device family regarding strategy, design, material and engineering. Therefore our UI-concept combined the advantages of button based office-phones and touch based smartphones in a new intuitive concept. more…

The smallest in its category. The biggest in use.

Magnetom CSIEMENS HealthcareMagnetom C (2004)Medical2004

With a diameter of just 137 centimeters, the Magnetom C was the most compact MRT system in its category at the time of market launch. We contributed not only our years of experience in the medical technology field, but also know-how about target groups, ergonomics, materials and their effects.

New strategies for Starbucks

SinatraStarbucksSinatra (2009)Food & Beverages2009

The coffee specialist Starbucks turned to us to identify the right strategy for future business fields. Based on detailed insights, visualized by our SimuPro® and DSO tools, our cross-disciplinary team developed new product surveys, into market strategies, packaging concepts and user scenarios.

The mobile phone for outdoor fans

M65SIEMENS MobileM65 (2004)Consumer Electronics2004

The Siemens M65 was designed for people on the move: With its stable casing, magnesium frame and elastomer covers it is the ideal companion for any adventure. The right materials and operation concept ensure best performance even under extreme conditions or with ice-cold fingers.

Everything built in that an all-in-one needs

Multitouch All-in-One-PCMedionMultitouch All-in-One-PC (2009)Consumer Electronics2009

We designed the user interface concept for the new Medion All-in-One-PCs. Users are given simple and fun-to-use access to functions such as TV, photo albums, games and a media library via multi-touch controls and voice commands.

Realistic material results thanks to 3D-modelling

Delta TexRTTDelta Tex (2009)Automotive & Mobility2009

We designed software modules for RTT that can transfer and change any real material to a virtual 3D model in real time using a special camera. The product is deployed by leading automobile and telecommunication manufacturers worldwide thanks to its first-rate visualization abilities and the professional and ergonomic user interface.

Thought-through design - from base to tips

Sahira & ConturaWella ProfessionalSahira & Contura (2006)Beauty & Care2006

In close collaboration with Wella, we developed a hair-dryer concept that combines function and design harmoniously. The results speak a clear language that underlines the interplay between technical precision and dynamics – the characteristic of all Wella products.

Innovative technology that you can see

XS SeriesSiplaceXS Series (2006)Heavy Industries2006

The technological innovation from an analogue to a digital assembly machine is one we underlined for our client Siemens with a design that emphasizes progress and functionality. We focused on high value for the materials and the visual bridge to the family for the cladding design.

Europe meets Asia

Portfolio StrategyHaierPortfolio Strategy (2009)Household2009

designaffairs supported Haier with the development and holistic, brand-conform implementation of the portfolio strategy with over 2,000 products in 10 categories. Market and target group analyses covering brand positioning provided the best basis for this project.

Mixing the old with the new

High HairWellaHigh Hair (2005)Beauty & Care2005

We assumed the complete relaunch for the successful High Hair product line based on a target group analysis. The innovative packaging is optimally adapted to market trends and the target group – and has been rewarded with several Design Awards since its launch.

Series with a guarantee for success

Gigaset SeriesGigasetGigaset Series (2000)Consumer Electronics2000

For Gigaset we reached new benchmarks in the Dect phones segment. Thanks to the consistent evaluation and optimization of all product relevant aspects and the constant support – even during the serial development – by our cross-disciplinary design team, the result is the creation of the highest quality products.

Designing a new refrigerator series

AFD 631 CXHaierAFD 631 CX (2005)Household2005

The Chinese electronics giant Haier commissioned us to design an innovative fridge/freezer concept with a minimalistic design. We redefined the appearance of the new 3D Fridge series by using authentic materials such as aluminum and stainless steel, a large LCD touch screen and two freezer compartments.

Know-how inside

Somatom SpiritSIEMENS HealthcareSomatom Spirit (2005)Medical2005

The SIEMENS Somatom Spirit is a machine that makes the benefits of multi-layer CTs affordable for every facility. Factors such as minimum space requirements, quick assembly and simple maintenance played a decisive role in the conception.

Future bottle carrying systems

Innovation SurveyAdelholzenerInnovation Survey (2003)Food & Beverages2003

We designed several practical prototypes for innovative bottle carriers still fitting within a recycling and stacking system as well as withstanding heavy loads and stresses. In cooperation with material manufacturers we came up with various approaches and conducted the practical testing.

This is where innovations are to hand

SL10SIEMENS MobileSL10 (2000)Consumer Electronics2000

With the SL10 we developed the world’s first slider phone that allowed to slide the keyboard under the device and defined a completely new, extremely successful product category. At the same time, we launched another innovation: the first color displays for serially produced mobile phones.

Mobile pocket-size protector

AyPilotSIEMENS COMAyPilot (2004)TIME2004

To set a new standard on the mobile networks market, Siemens commissioned us with the development and design of a GSM/GPRS solution. The result is a device the size of a pack of playing cards that serves, for example, as a mobile alarm system, a fitness trainer or as a monitoring unit for people in care.

Classic-modern design with innovative details

EleganceKeucoElegance (2008)Home & Living2008

We developed a mirror cabinet for the new high-quality Keuco ELEGANCE collection that does justice to the brand Keuco whilst satisfying the individual, esthetic and functional requirements of the target group.